MM is a small school located in heart of Melrose.  Conveniently located adjacent form the Melrose Public Library in the Unitarian universalist Church, our two classrooms offer space for 45 children of the ages 2 years nine months through age seven years.   Our teachers are trained through either the Association Montessori Internationale or the American Montessori Society. We strive to hold true to the original principles of Dr. Maria Montessori to provide the children an optimal Montessori experience.

Montessori for three years

Montessori referred to the child of three to six as the “concrete worker”.  It is during these years that the drive for repetition and independence prompt the child to engage in activity that is satisfying to these needs.  This continuity offers stability as well as confidence by becoming knowledgeable and familiar in his surroundings. The child begins as a new member welcomed and aided by the returning children, and transforms into an older child, who then becomes the one to welcome, and pass on the knowledge and experience acquired.  This is a joyous point of arrival for the child, equipping them with solid skills for their future environments.

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