Thank you for your child’s contribution to the 2020 Melrose Montessori Year-end Video Performance. As you know the individual performances were compiled and edited by one of our Montessori parents, and we would like to provide a copy to all current Melrose Montessori School parents whose child is included in the show. We may share the performance on the school website, as well as post on social media, for our followers/friends to enjoy. For that reason, we are seeking your permission to post your child’s submission as part of the final performance.

    The undersigned provided consent for themselves and their child/ren to be photographed and video recorded in relation to the 2020 Melrose Montessori Year-end Video performance. The undersigned also grants Tri-Ed Montessori, Inc. d/b/a Melrose Montessori School the perpetual right to use the recording at its discretion including posting the video on the school website/social media platforms. The undersigned waives and releases all causes of action, statutory, at law and equity in regard to the 2020 Melrose Montessori Year-end Video performance.

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