The Tangible Environment

Our classrooms are beautifully and meticulously prepared and equipped with a full range of materials unique to Montessori. These materials are sequential and selected based on developmental progress and needs. Each material is purposeful in its design and encourages the child to problem solve independently and reach conclusions without the intrusion of the teacher.

Areas of Subject Matter

Time is set aside daily for music and movement, aerobics, yoga or pre-sport physical activities for the development of gross-motor skills.

All new materials are presented on a one-to-one basis. In each activity, difficulties are analyzed and the presentations are characterized by brevity, simplicity and objectivity. The didactic materials provide an built-in “control of error” which enables the child to correct himself and thus succeed through his own efforts.

Discipline is maintained by directing the child’s attention and energies into constructive channels. Self-discipline, self-assurance and security gradually develop as the child learns to recognize and accept both the scope and the limitations of the environment.

The function of the teacher in the classroom is to provide a link between the child and the prepared environment; to observe and recognize the child’s needs and to direct the child towards those activities and materials, which are best suited to serve his needs.