History of Melrose Montessori

Melrose Montessori was founded in 1974 by Beatrix Masszi.  She received her diploma from Association Montessori Internationale at the Washington Montessori Institute under the late Margerate Stephenson. Her passion and dedication provided the local community with an authentic Montessori experience, enjoyed by so many families throughout the years.  Alumni continuously visit and inquire about her. She has touched the lives of many! Her continued enthusiasm and support of Montessori will forever be a part of the culture at Melrose Montessori.

Anissa Arloro was a student at Melrose Montessori in 1974.  The experience left an indelible impression that eventually prompted a passion and dedication to carry on the Montessori legacy.  She received her diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale at the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto in 1993, under the direction of the late Renilde Montessori. After working at Melrose Montessori throughout the years, operating several Montessori schools, Anissa took over Melrose Montessori from Beatrix Masszi. As Melrose Montessori holds tremendous sentimental value to her, she is dedicated to continuing the Montessori experience for the children of this community, and furthering Maria Montessori’s message of education as an aid to life.  She is member of the Board of Directors for The Montessori Training Center Northeast which has brought the first ever Montessori training from the Association Montessori International to the Boston area. She also sits on various boards and committees at other Montessori schools in the area, and provides coaching for teachers and parents.

Melrose Montessori is dedicated to providing the community with the educational experience originally put forth from Dr. Maria Montessori.

A Brief History of the Montessori Method

Established in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori method was based on scientific observations of children’s learning processes. Based on her discovery that children teach themselves Dr. Montessori designed developmentally appropriate activities or “materials” that children freely choose, and are purposeful in nature.  Beginning in Italy more than 100 years ago, Montessori education now spans the globe and reaches many age ranges.